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Apr 16, 2010 6:30pm EDT
for acquisitions. bank of america was the other big earnings report out today. it easily beat expectations. similar to j.p. morgan earlier in the week, b. of a.'s profit strength came from its investment banking business. shares of b.a.c. got swept up in the goldman story, and it did huge volume: more than 500 million shares, dropping more than 5%. the bank set aside less money for bad loans compared to last quarter. coming into today, the market focus was on google after last night's earnings, which failed to impress. the stock felt that, dropping to a three-week low on three times volume. all three of these stocks-- google, bank of america, and g.e.-- are popular u.s. stock mutual fund holdings. google is the eighth most widely held in funds. bank of america, number nine, and g.e. the 26th, according to morningstar. a couple of ports of shelter in today's storm: consumer stocks and health care. coca-cola stock headed higher. it has earnings tuesday. kellogg's results aren't due until the week after next. it saw buying on heavier than usual volume. in health care, boston scientific rallied after t
Apr 1, 2010 1:00am EDT
also need to do it because we can create jobs for america. >> susie: the white house launches a plan to open miles of america's coastlines to offshore drilling. >> tom: some critics worry about having oil rigs so close to home while others say the president's plan doesn't go far enough toward energy independence. you're watching "nightly business report" for wednesday, march 31. captioning sponsored by wpbt this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening everyone. president obama announced today a bold plan to drill for oil off the u.s. coastline. tom, the plan reverses a ban on offshore drilling that's been in effect for 20 years. >> tom: susie, the announcement came on a day when oil prices closed in on $84 a barrel; a 17-month high. high oil prices are just one reason the president wants to reduce u.s. dependence on foreign oil and build up domestic energy supplies. >> susie: the real impact
Apr 12, 2010 6:30pm EDT
businesses and for the american public? >> well, i think most important is it indicates that america and china are again trying to work together. there is a lot more we have in common with the chinese. and they with us. then in conflict. anything that improves our relationship, makes it tighter is a good thing, long-term for our growth for global stability, jobs, inflation and all the rest. >> all right, we're going to have to leave it there, unfortunately, gentlemen, we've run out of time. but i do appreciate both of you coming on and sharing your thoughts with us. >> you bet. >> my guests tonight david hale hale. and donald straszheim of the isi group. >> tom: this weekend, before hu's visit to washington, china did something it hadn't done in almost six years-- reported a trade deficit. the asian nation said it brought in $7.25 billion more stuff in march, than it sent out. beijing says that shows the value of the yuan is not skewing trade in its favor, as some u.s. lawmakers argue. from china, nick mackie reports, watching commodity imports may hold the key to the currency policy
Apr 20, 2010 6:30pm EDT
up a structure that avoids that. secondly, we have to keep america as the best place to create capital and to create credit so that when people want to go out and take a risk and create a job, which is really what makes america unique. we have this energy in this country from people who want to take a risk and create jobs, and they can find capital and credit in a reasonable way. if we do this in the reform right, we will accomplish both those goals. again, i want to stretch. this is not a partisan issue. there is no partisan sides in this. it is just a question of getting it right and doing it in a thoughtful way, stepping back and being mature about our approach, rather than getting caught up in the hyp hyperbole of the moment. >> susie: give us a date, when do you think you'll have a vote on this? >> i presume we're going to have a vote in the next couple of weeks in the senate. there is significant progress being made between senator dodd, the chairman of the committee, and senator ranking. and others have made progress with our colleagues across the aisle on specific issue
Apr 30, 2010 6:30pm EDT
the ghost of mortgages past is coming back to haunt countrywide and its owner bank of america. a new york judge says bond insurer m.b.i.a. can sue bank of america for fraud allegedly committed by countrywide in 2005 through 2007. countrywide was bought by b. of a. in 2008, after imploding in the subprime mortgage meltdown. the bank says it shouldn't be held responsible for countrywide's problems before the deal. the judge disagreed. >> tom: cell phones are ringing up soaring sales, thanks to a recovering economy, and new smartphones. manufacturers shipped almost 300 million phones in the first quarter of the year. that's up 22% from the same period last year. one of the big beneficiaries is research is blackberry's research in motion, which for the first time is now one of the top five biggest phonemakers. the economic rebound has just begun and the stock market has more room to run. so says tonight's market monitor. he's james paulsen, chief investment strategist at wells capital management. he joins us from minneapolis. >> tom: welcome to "nightly business report," jim. >> good to be he
Apr 13, 2010 6:30pm EDT
a relevant search. porter gale of virgin america, another one of the four, says twitter fits her company's high tech image. >> it's another way for us to engage with people who are already actively tweeting. it's just a natural extension of the conversation we're already having. >> reporter: to start, promoted tweets will only reach users logged on to twitter's web site. but the company also plans to insert the ads into the stream of tweets on handheld devices. in effect, a company buys its way into the conversation. that, says ad age's abbey klassen, may be a problem. >> i think the big fear for twitter is that marketers start unloading all sorts of messaging into the twittersphere. all these messages are really irrelevant. what a great way to irritate users. >> reporter: no info tay on pricing for promoted tweets, twitter says that will come tomorrow at a developer's conference in san francisco. scott gurvey, "nightly business report", new york. >> tom: here are the stories in tonight's "n.b.r. newswheel". modest gains for wall street today, ahead of those strong intel earnings. the do
Apr 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
.w.'s president and c.e.o. of north america hopes last month's sales momentum will continue when the tuareg hybrid hits showrooms this fall. >> we need to have showroom traffic. we need consumers who really wish to buy new cars. >> reporter: still, j.d. power economist jeffrey schuster is cautious about a recovery. >> you know, any time you have an unemployment rate near 10%, that's going to be a problem. we really need to see those workers back to work before we can see a robust recovery in the economy, as well as auto sales. >> reporter: schuster is encouraged by march sales, but he says it will take several more months to know for sure if this is an industry recovery with real traction. diane eastabrook, "nightly business report," hodgkins, illinois. >> tom: speaking of cars, the nation's auto makers are going to have to squeeze more miles out of a gallon of gas. the e.p.a. and transportation department today signed off on new fuel standards. they require auto makers meet a fleet-wide average of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. that is a 42% jump from current standards. the change will add roughl
Apr 9, 2010 6:30pm EDT
's earnings season. later in the week, we'll see results from bank of america, general electric, google and j.p. morgan. monday, u-s/china relations. we'll look at the currency and trade issues, as the leaders of both countries meet. >> susie: netflix customers who want to see popular movies like "avatar" will have to wait even longer. today, the online movie rental company and twentieth century fox signed a new distribution deal: it includes a 28-day delay on new releases. in exchange, fox will provide some of its television shows to netflix for internet streaming for the first time. fox's blockbuster "avatar" will be among the first films to be released under this agreement. >> tom: restaurant chain california pizza kitchen has an order in for a new owner! the "wall street journal" reports the company is on the auction block, soliciting interest from buyers including private equity firms. that news sent shares up 14% today or $2.56 to close at $20.74. california pizza kitchen is not commenting on a potential sale, but its sales slowed considerably last year as consumers stayed away from cas
Apr 14, 2010 6:30pm EDT
: bank of america is out with earnings friday. citigroup and wells fargo are still to come, all three rallying strong. after the close, u.p.s. delivered earnings and an improved outlook. the results came in better than expected, and they were released about two weeks earlier than planned. international business was the growth driver. shares of u.p.s. were up as much as 3% after the report, adding to the 52-week high hit during the session. overall, transportation stocks are among those closely tied to the economy, and with the strong retail sales, low inflation and strong earnings, the sector continues to break out. this exchange-traded fund follows the dow transportation index. it started on its latest rally last week on the possibility of a big airline merger. leading the index today: transportation leasing company g.a.t.x. jetblue also rallied nicely, and rail giant c.s.x. hitting a new 52-week high on the heels of its earnings and upbeat outlook. on to technology. intel's record first-quarter results late yesterday pushed that stock to a new 52-week high on very heavy volume. with
Apr 19, 2010 6:30pm EDT
since august. as j.p. morgan and bank of america did before it, citi set aside less money for bad loans. goldman sachs saw another day of heavy volume after last friday's fraud charges filed by the s.e.c. the bank has promised to vigorously defend itself. lost in the controversy may be goldman's first quarter results, coming out tomorrow before the bell. its conference call will be led by chief financial officer david viniar. also tomorrow, earnings from apple are after the close. this report will not include any ipad sales though, as it was released after the end of the quarter. apple shares are about $4 below their all-time high. oppenheimer analyst yair reiner says watch the iphone results. >> the largest part of apple's bottom line today comes from the iphone. i think if you look in terms of fundamentals, that's still what's driving the business. it's a very, very large part of the revenues. and it's a disproportionate part of the bottom line because the margins-- the profitability on the iphone-- is much, much higher than any other part of apple's business. >> tom: a year ago, this
Apr 21, 2010 6:30pm EDT
at america's once troubled automakers. >> reporter: by making good on $8 billion worth of u.s. and canadian government loans, general motors helped shed its nickname government motors and shifted its focus back to making vehicles. >> we are moving at g.m. and improving at a rapid pace, and this is the new pace of g.m. today. >> reporter: g.m.'s early repayment could hardly have been predicted a year ago when the company was headed for bankruptcy. in addition to repaying american and canadian taxpayers, g.m. also announced plans to invest more than $200 million in two u.s. plants that make the hot- selling chevrolet malibu. north american vice president mark reuss says g.m. is expanding production at other plants as well. >> we've added third shifts on most of our hot products at some of these plants, and that's a nice way to do it because we have a lot of confidence in our workforce around the kind of cars being built. that's a big confidence builder and morale booster when we're adding people back on those shifts. >> reporter: chrysler's future also took a turn for the better today. the co
Apr 23, 2010 6:30pm EDT
for independence and a bias toward ingenuity. hmm. sounds like america. i'm harry lin. >> tom: that's nightly business report" for friday, april 23. i'm tom hudson. goodnight everyone. you too susie. >> susie: good night, tom. i'm susie gharib. have a great weekend everyone, we hope to see all of you again on monday. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by media access group at wgbh >> more information about investing is available in "nightly business report's" video "how wall street works". to order this dvd, call 1-800- play-pbs or visionline at >> be more.
Apr 26, 2010 6:30pm EDT
this week, experts say the clock is ticking on such a move. still, bank of america economist ethan harris says the fed is not going to do anything just yet. >> i think we're still in a healing process in the u.s. economy and the fed is waiting to see signs of healing in the jobs market, the housing market, and the banking system. >> reporter: many economists say it will be late this year or early next before the fed finally pulls the trigger and raises rates. inflation, or the lack of it, is one reason the central bank seems to have the luxury of a little extra time. citi economist bob diclemente says policymakers may even be a bit nervous about deflation. >> they want to be convinced, too, that the recent slowing in inflation isn't part of something undesirable. that there isn't some sort of undercurrent of weakness that isn't evident. so, i think stable inflation is probably an important element. >> reporter: but some experts say an end to the fed's pledge to keep rates low for an extended period could come as early as this summer. you may remember that's the famous language contained i
Apr 28, 2010 6:30pm EDT
.p. morgan and bank of america were the two best performing dow industrial components. j.p. morgan up 2.5%, b. of a. up more than 1.5%. the big banking exchange traded fund which included those two, plus citi and other national banking names, saw heavier than usual volume. speaking of big volume, sprint nextel is a regular on the most active list, and today was no different. sprint did 124 million shares, twice its usual pace. financial results drove the activity with the phone company announcing a smaller first quarter loss compared to last year. the problem is its most profitable subscribers continue leaving. still, the loss matched expectations. shares responded well to the news though, up 4%. this will be one to watch tomorrow with the palm-hewlett packard deal. sprint was the wireless provider for some palm phones. a.o.l. has been a separate company from time warner for two quarters now, but that hasn't improved its earnings performance. without the restructuring charges, a.o.l. was able to beat the street, but its online advertising revenue was hurt by those restructuring efforts. ad re
Apr 29, 2010 6:30pm EDT
if the print and improving america's highways for computers and highway transportation. and the railroads, quite frankly, are the future to be able to do that. >> so did warren buffett buy at the right time? is the economy picking up enough to give a boost to the rails? >> well, you have to remember warren was a shareholder for a number of years. and so he had different entry prices. he was a holder of 22% of the company for a number of years. but certainly if you think about warren's view of a long-term value, will do very well with this investment. >> as you know, this talk in congress to reregulate the industry. if that happens, how does that change the growth outlook for the railroad industry? >> sure t possibly could. and we'll just have to see the devil in the detail of that. but certainly we believe that a free market approach to transportation has served this country very well. and you can still have partial changes to the regulatory environment and allow the railroads to do what they need to do. and that is to add more capacity to the industry. >> now that burlington is part of b
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)